Two-Year ThinqStudio Faculty Fellows

Fall First Year

  • Building relationships, exploring options, and shared mentoring are the primary goals.
  • First-year Fellows start their participation with community building and goal setting. They will discuss their visions and goals for their two years with ThinqLeads, second-year Fellows, and other first-year Fellows.
  • First-year Fellows will attend and engage in Thinq activities, engage in ThinqPartner conversations with their paired second-year Fellow, learn more about the program and their options, and explore what types of workshops, personal projects, or other contributions to Thinq and CU Denver they want to make.
  • ThinqPartner meetings might occur once a month or more, but should occur at least twice per semester. These are casual conversations of exploration and sharing in whatever ways best suit the ThinqPartners themselves.

Spring First Year

  • All Fellows continue with ThinqPartner meetings.
  • First-year Fellows continue to engage in Thinq activities as they look ahead to year two.
  • Some first-year Fellows may choose to co-lead events or to join second-year Fellows in order to support their events and activities. They are, however, under no obligation to do so.
  • By the end of the spring term, first-year Fellows will have a plan for their second-year personal projects and other ThinqStudio activities. They are welcome to begin on those any time during their first year if they are comfortable doing do. The ThinqStudio community will always be glad to encourage and assist in whatever way best supports all Fellows.
  • Fellows who participate actively during the first year and have developed plans for their second year will receive a one-time stipend at the end of the spring term.

Second Year

  • Second-year Fellows will continue to participate in ThinqStudio activities, including the important work of mentoring the new cohort of first-year Fellows.
  • Second-year Fellows will present, publish, and/or conduct events or workshops to follow through on their planning and explorations from their first year.
  • Fellows will receive a course release and one-time stipend in the spring of their second year for their participation and contributions.

GOALS: We hope that this guided two-year Fellowship will maximize Fellows’ experiences and benefits as part of the ThinqStudio community. Rather than being rigid or setting limits, we hope that this outline will offer support and guidelines, as well as expectations. At any time, Fellows can explore alternatives with any or all ThinqStudio colleagues. For instance, first-year Fellows will typically use their spring semester to develop their goals and approaches, but some may want to start designing and conducting their projects. Also, personal projects might inform workshops. Our goal is to encourage and support exploration, innovation, risk-taking, and gratifying creation.

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