Hacking Assessment Workshop 2018

Hacking Grading: A 1-day alternative assessment workshop

  • Size: 40 participants, RSVP required


Do you want to spend more time on feedback and less on assigning and justifying grades? Are you concerned that your students seem more focused on grades than learning? In this hands-on workshop we’ll explore ways to provide students with feedback that is useful and motivating—without relying on grades. While we have to arrive at letter grades at the end of the semester, we still have a lot of flexibility in how we get there. Focusing on self-assessment and peer-assessment, this workshop will give participants the opportunity to think about how to move particular assignments—or even their entire courses—away from grades.


RSVP here: Hacking Grading RSVP 


Anyone interested in alternative assessment is also welcome to join our Slack channel.


For more information, please email amy.hasinoff@ucdenver.edu

Suggested readings for participants, to be completed in advance

  • Stommel, J. (2017, 26 Oct). Why I don’t grade, from http://www.jessestommel.com/why-i-dont-grade/
    • & his follow-up to this on how to do it, to be published in Jan or Feb 2018
  • Schinske, J., & Tanner, K. (2014). Teaching more by grading less (or differently). CBE-Life Sciences Education, 13(2), 159-166.
  • Tannock, S. (2017). No grades in higher education now! Revisiting the place of graded assessment in the reimagination of the public university. Studies in Higher Education, 42(8), 1345-1357.


8:30-9 Breakfast & registration

9-10:15 Opening discussion

Leader: Amy Hasinoff

  • Introductions – where did this workshop come from? (5 mins)
    • Mention ThinqStudio, DPL, etc.
  • What do we dislike about grading? (10 mins)
    • As instructors
    • For students
    • For education as a public good
    • add things from the literature that no one mentioned yet
  • What is the purpose of grading? (40 mins)
    • Which of those things do we value and want to keep?
  • What things do we already do in our courses that provide students with feedback but aren’t graded? (15 mins – if time remains)
    • Including very small or major things, make a list
      • Pass/fail assignments; peer feedback;1-1 meetings; exit slips

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-11:45 Ungrading and self-assessment

Leader: Jesse Stommel, DPL

  • Interactive virtual keynote (10-15 mins) and Q&A (45-60 mins)

11:45-12:45 Lunch

12:45-2 Peer assessment and writing

Leader: John Tinnell & Dale Stahl

  • Scaffolding peer feedback; revisions
  • Online courses
  • Peer feedback groups

2-2:15 Coffee break

2:15-3:00 Closing discussion

Leader: Amy Hasinoff

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