Hitting the ground running

The Digital Pedagogy Lab (#digped) is off to a rolling start. Day 1 (for me) in the Introduction to Digital Pedagogy strand (#dplintro) was full of eye-opening moments, starting with our discussion of how we define Critical Digital Pedagogy. My own definition, which I tweeted (part of the assignment), was “My Critical Dig. Pedagogy is: democratizing, anti-oppressive teaching praxis. Learning by questioning, resisting & sharing #digped”
The omission of tech was not accidental. As you can see from the image, our notions of critical pedagogy were a lot clearer than those of “digital,” with the latter alternating between utopian and dystopian notions of technology’s role in education.
Our discussion closed without a fixed definition, but with some agreement around the notion that technological tools should never dictate teaching practice, but should instead be leveraged in service of dialogic, humanizing, and reflexive teaching.

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