Reflection on day 1 at DPL Vancouver

Our introductory session in the “Open” group focused on the use and creation of open educational resources (OERs), as well as current economic pressures surrounding higher education. I had previously thought that OERs were essentially free, online textbooks — similar in form and content to more traditionally published textbooks. This morning’s session clued me in to more dynamic OER genres that are either informed by or co-created through student projects. I’ve recently been experimenting with designing digital assignments that aim to bring student writing to some sort of public audience beyond the classroom. Since this morning’s session, I’ve begun to think about how I might rethink this approach in light of OERs. That is, I want to try to create contexts where students digital work (perhaps spurred by experiential learning with local community partnerships) may also be curated to form online resources that craft disciplinary knowledge around the interests of relevant public audiences.

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