Thank You Chancellor Horrell

Dear Chancellor Horrell,

It is with our deepest appreciation that we thank you, on behalf of our CLAS and SEHD colleagues, for supporting our vision in the advancement of critical digital pedagogy at the University of Colorado Denver. With your support, we have established ThinqStudio, an initiative to celebrate and incubate the praxis of critical digital pedagogy through innovative educational practices of grand vision and great potential.

Your support of ThinqStudio is both generous and timely. Given changes to, and questions about, the importance and impact of higher education, we contend it is ever relevant to seed creative and inventive approaches to faculty learning. ThinqStudio will create the conditions for a fellowship of faculty to learn technical skills, pedagogical practices, and critical dispositions necessary for engendering more equitable and relevant teaching and learning. To do so at Colorado’s premier urban research university gives us great pride and sustained purpose. We launch ThinqStudio with a commitment to instructional innovation, peer-driven professional development, new forms of impactful scholarship, and – above all – service to our students.

Over the coming months, we are excited to begin a process of thoughtful planning and will take great care in designing and enacting an inclusive and transformative professional development effort for faculty at CU Denver. In doing so, we further commit to making this work open – open to cross-campus and institutional partnerships, openly networked among like-minded practitioners and organizations, accessible to our CU colleagues, and transparent in our collaborative processes. We look forward to sharing with you, our CU Denver family, and our global colleagues over the coming months, and will primarily do so through our website: http://thinq.studio.

Thank you, once again, for your generous support.

Most appreciatively,

  • Brad Hinson, Assistant Dean, Information and Academic Technology (SEHD)
  • Remi Kalir, Assistant Professor, Information and Learning Technologies (SEHD)
  • Pam Laird, Professor of History & Director of Digital Initiatives (CLAS)
  • Michael Zinser, Associate Professor of Psychology (CLAS)
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